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Originally Posted by cosmos
im sorry, but last time i checked men cant have babies. considering were talking about the genetic defects associated with inbreeding (which requires making babies), i dont see your point other than to talk. and who are you to say the chances are the same for both? thats absurd. thats like saying people who dont smoke will have just as high a chance as getting lung cancer as people who do smoke. grrrr
actually its higher.....second degree smoke is worse then what the smoker takes in. plus all the genetic defects are if the family has a history of it happening. if one great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great uncle was retarded on one side of the family, the kids of that family, if those kids had an inbred child, do not have a higher risk of getting a retarded child then two unrelated people with an uncle like that on in each family. if the inbred family has no history, ever, of having any, any, defect who would their child have that defect? and if you say the mother drank and smoked, that chance is not hightened by the incest.

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