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Default Re: How to break up with him....HELP!

Previous post about him embarrassing you:
Originally Posted by aryadorable View Post
....even though im madly in love with him....
Originally Posted by aryadorable View Post
Well i dunno im kinda just not feeling the same way about my boyfriend as he is about me. he loves me and thinks im the greatest thing to happen to him...but i just cant bring myself to love him like he loves me. and on top of it all my dad wont even let me see him half the time.
Im not sure I understand the reason you want to break up with him?
You say in this post that you dont love him the way he loves you, yet you said in a post a week ago that youre madly in love with him?
And as for your dad...your dad isnt at school, he isnt there when you go to a friends not encouraging you to go against what your dad has told you, im just saying, that doesnt seem like a very likely cause to break up with someone, because that can be worked around.
You seem to be saying a few conflicting things...

Originally Posted by RowanVer.3.0 View Post
Anyway, just tell him the truth. You know why? Because you owe him that much, at least if you're willing to break up with him while he still likes you and all that junk.

I agree, you dont have to tell us the real reasons, but I agree with Rowan. You owe him the truth.

If he is madly in love with you, then im guessing its not going to be the easiest thing for him to be your friend. You have to be prepared to accept that if it is so.
In time hopefully things will be good.
Anyway, goodluck with things

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