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I never said drugs aren't bad for you, your twisting my words.

My general stance, and get this straight. Is that teenagers DO DRUGS, it's a fact. Atleast the majority of teenagers dabble in an intoxicating substance, legal or illegal. Somewhere between 1/3 and 1/2 of teenagers have smoked cannabis.

Now with all the government shock tactics and anti drugs informaiton, you'd think those numbers would be alot lower.

Peeople who do drugs should talk about it, both good and bad aspects of drugs. If you think saying "Dont do drugs" is the only advice someone can give on this issue, your wrong. That doesn't stop anyone doing drugs, because people are curious by nature.

I support drug legalisation, not because i think it would be easier to get hold of drugs, but because it would make drugs controlled by the government. Instead of wasting time on stopping the drugs flow (which you cant) they can work on the crime. People who do drugs will do them with or without the law, and the majority aren't addicted helpless or ignorant, they just want to have fun without being arrested.

Id be willing to tell a heroin addict how to inject himself, and what IV to use? Why - because the risks of someone hurting themselves in that situation are high, and if your addicted to heroin you will do it, regardless of how much they tell you not to.

So it's better to be safe than sorry.

Let me tell you a true story, this was in the news i can get the article if you want. A girl named Leah Bhetts took ecstacy on her birthday, she was a normal girl from a normal background, and did a normal thing, dabble in drugs.

She was home alone by the time the drug effects took place. Previously she had read alot about it on the news, and knew that if you dont drink enough water you can die of dehydration. So she drank 6 pints in an hour, what she didn't know what E can make you stop produce urine.

The water got to her brain, and she died of a brain haemorrage.

Would it be wrong for me to tell her "Dont drink too much water but still keep hydrated"? No, the government didn't tell her that, and now the governments stance on drug abuse is about facts not scare tactics and fiction ie Drugs put holes in your brain.

If someone has access to drugs, is curious and is looking on the internet for advise about them, they would have alrealdy most likely made the decision to do drugs in the first place.

I give people the facts about drug use, and i leave people to draw their own conclusions. It's upto you to make your own opinion, and i wont force any biased anti or pro drug information on people.

Unlike you, im giving advise. I don't sit here and critisize you for every thing you say that i don't agree with. Now stop trolling me.

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