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Default Re: Your First French Kiss & Kissing Discussion

My first "kiss" that dosn't count cuz it was in preschool: Me nd my bestfriend were like Ohmygosh, were bestfriends, therefore sisters, sisters kiss eachother and it was a tiny peck lasted not even a second XD

My first REAL kiss: he asked me if he could kiss me on our first official date nd I said yes. It was like a half makeout, half peck, weird combination of the two. It was really sweet and kind, the only regret was that it was, in my opinion, too short.

First french kiss, same guy i had first kiss with, we were at a friend's house, she was asking my aunt if I could stay longer on my phone pacing back and forth and me and my bf were just hugging and she left the room for a while to "pace" in there and we kissed and worked it into a french kiss. It was particularly fun cuz he had a cookie in his mouth at the time! It was chocolate... and yummy... lmfao. After that, my friends all mentioned the "cookie situation" Continuously until we broke up. Good times, goooood times.... hah

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