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Default Re: Feeling the urge once again

Unrequited love is, in my opinion, the most painful aspect of the emotion of love. It is not madness you are experiencing, just the trials of those in love.
The best thing for you to do is to keep yourself busy with things. Now, whether that is doing things with friends or diving into hobbies or school it doesn't matter. But they will take your mind off of it, if only for a little while. I won't tell you that it will go away or that you'll wake up one day and not love or miss her. But given time it won't hurt as bad. You will even get to a point when the two of you can be good friends and the pain won't interfere with your friendship. I know it's not a quick fix, but it pains me to say that there is no other way.
Hang on in there, take things day by day. I found that when the urge to cut approached taking every five minutes at a time helped me. Do this if you need to. x

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