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Default Re: ** Post ALL Masturbation Questions HERE **

Originally Posted by Androyed View Post
I started masturbating 20 hours ago, and I've done it 3 times now. But now I have a couple of questions.

1. My glans is red after masturbating. Am I trying to hard? It's not really that red, but certainly more red than normal.
You're directing blood to the head of the penis. That's what allows you to orgasm and That's why it's red.

2. When masturbating sometimes I have to urge to flex/stretch a muscle, usually my butt or my legs. This urge can happen right in the beginning, but happens the most just before the ejaculation. Why is that?
Entra energy and your neurons are firing like an engine. It's causing certain motor neurons to fire as well, meaning you twitch and flex as you orgasm. Your blood pressure also rockets, your pulse soars, respiration goes up and you also spasm many muscles throughout your abdomen and quads.

3. When I masturbate it doesn't feel that special (I still have my foreskin), at least not in the beginning. When I stop because of that, touch my glans a little and then go on masturbating because I really want to ejaculate, then I ejaculate real quickly, in 10 seconds. So my glans is sensitive, and I can ejaculate, but just pulling my foreskin up and down my glans doesn't always do it for me. Sometimes it feels really good, sometimes I almost feel nothing, but I ejaculate anyways. What's that about?
You don't just do it for 10 seconds and expect to masturbate. Explore a little. Go at it for a few minutes. Close your eyes. Fantasize about a boy or girl crush doing it to your penis, not your hand.

4. When masturbating I sometimes have a funny feeling in my tummy (to be precisely: just below my tummy, above my penis). I can feel this at the beginning of masturbating, but I feel it a lot just before I ejaculate. What is that feeling?
Your prostate most likely. Also some abdomenal muscles flexing.

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