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Originally Posted by nwshc
Your just jelous that England and Europe have been around for ever and have far less than America who is "just a baby". You realy have no idea of what your talking about do you??? When you post, get your facts strait. Fox news biased?? You wish
that was beautiful. wow shaolin shut the fuck up, how do you even watch fox news over in the uk? what makes you think i watch fox? oh wait, thats right, fox blows! i watch cnn, the most accredited international news agency ever. its like the bbc on steroids. and we all know how propaganda filled free press can be (idiot). you could say half of my country is hillbilly hicks, but then i could turn around and say our country is the richest and most powerful hillbilly hicks ever to exist. and yes, we are only 200 years old. isnt it funny how a 200 year old country can become most powerful in the world, so much more so than britain which has been around for ages longer? and while thousands of lives may have been ruined by us foreign diplomacy, thousands of lives have been ruined by british foreign diplomacy as well (did you forget your fighting in the same war we are?) and id like you to list out the FIFTY+ wars you claim weve had.

while thousands of lives may have been ruined, a country full of 25 million people (minus a thousand) now has freedom, liberty, and the right to vote.

if you dont think thousands of lives ruined is justification for bringing freedom to 25 million people in the middle east, your evil
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