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Angry Im about to through my computer against my basement wall...

For 3 days now our phones and Internet have been going down randomly for a random amount of time.

Turns out its something with comcast. Were still not sure at this point

They came first to replace a small cable splitter and that did nothing...An hour later we call again and two guys come this time to replace all the connectors at the end of the cables as well as all new splitters all over.

They leave and at the end of the day the problem comes back. The next day they come in and have all the nice electronic test gear.... lol
Well they say its our cable modem and let us use one of theirs for 2 weeks until be get one from the store. Well it was working fine for about 3 hours.

Now its going down again and dragging our Vonage phone setup down with it so we cant really talk unless we use our cell phones which gets pricey...

We are going to call them back once more later today and have them work on it again.

This is so damn annoying..............

Don't even get me started on the myspace being down at the worst time either...


its finally working again
comcast had to come 4 times but its running

Cause of the problem was the line signal. How did they find that out?
after they came to our house and gave a modem to us they stared getting calls from around the whole area that the cable was going out and all that.

so we gave back the modem to comcast and put ours back on the line and its working without any problems


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