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Default Re: Important - Redesigning Styles and Templates

I've actually already answered this O_o

1. Sorry, but no, timestamps cannot be restored. The "Flat File" system the new vBShout uses does not support that feature.

2. The advantage to using this newer version of vBShout is that it is actually compatible with version 3.6.* whereas the previous version had some bugs - even with vBulletin 3.5.*. Numerous bug fixes and internal additions are included in this new version, which makes it even more appealing. The greatest advantage to using this new version is that it has an enormous performance boost after the first time it is used.

About the current status: I've been busy the past week with catching up on school. I apologize for my lack of productivity. Tomorrow (actually, in about 8 hours this morning), I have orientation for my new job. I'm not sure how long it will last, but if it's over within a somewhat average time, I might be able to get some things done.

Unfortunately, I have run into a problem with that new black and yellow style you guys requested. Its XML is not set to be installed in a images/style/skin folder. Normally, I would still be able to install this, however, I don't want to mix new style images with stock-images. Therefore, I'm going to recode some of the XML to use it's own images/style/skin folder.

Sorry, again, for the hold up.

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