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Originally Posted by Meitria View Post
hyper.. you have no idea what clinical depression is.
alot of people diagnost with clinical depression didn't have any tramatic event happen.
it just came to them its just an imbalance in the brain i have it because its genetic.
sometimes it just happens.
and its not giving up.
i have no tramatic event that has happened to me NOTHING i just feel this way cause of the imbalance.
it has nothing to do with giving up on a situation that may be hard/tramatic in life!

Learn to read? I know very well wtf clinical depression is, I have it my mother has it so I might know even better than you. What my point is for ffs.. Is that when ppl fall in depression they give up on life. And later if some pills don't help they loose hope. In overall the point is people dont overcome their depression if they don't truely wan't it.

I'm tough, rough, ready and able
To pick myself up from under this table
Don't stick no sign on me, I got no label
I'm a little sick, unsure, unsound and unstable

But I'm fighting my way back
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