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Originally Posted by aussiebunnie View Post
I am just going to stop posting to you in this thread because obviously you have an agenda to push.
Let me fix this quote:

"I am going to stop posting because I am incapable of finding anything with which to refute you and so I'm just going to pretend that the problem is the person I'm debating with even though he's been quite civil compared to what he could have been."

Seriously, grow up. And that's not much of a personal attack by the way. This is a personal attack:

"Like everything you pathetic religionists put in these forums aren't all superstitious nonsence anyway, right? You, personally, are the reason why these forums are shit."

Obviously I don't believe this, but I'm telling you there's a difference between debate and personal attacking. A difference I believe you either cannot, or will not see.

Originally Posted by aussiebunnie View Post
And yes you did call me an idiot
I just explained why I didn't sweetie. Quit lying in order to get at me simply because your "arguments" (if you can call them that) have failed.

Originally Posted by aussiebunnie View Post
just because you say you were implying that I was painting myself as one does not make a difference that you were saying that I was one.
Are you actually going to adress my arguments or what? It's obvious that you've failed and are now just whinging for the sake of it. What'ya want? A cookie?

Originally Posted by aussiebunnie View Post
It is also funny how you have to justify that religion is brainwashing by showing a person on youtube whose clearly gone too far (a minority) and saying thats how all religions act.
Implying that I was saying that, which I wasn't. But then you knew that.

Seeing that you have no interest in civilised debate and can't stop whinging about how the other allegedly keeps insulting you on a personal level even though we both know I haven't. It would appear that you are as manipulative over people in forums as you would be with children of your own. As such, this pathetic "discussion" ends now - unless you're actually going to start debating properly, which would be nice for a change.

Originally Posted by genghiskhan View Post
I slightly disagree with the whole idea of not being able to expose your child to a religion at a young age.
That's not what I meant at all. I was saying that exposure is fine, but brainwashing isn't.

Originally Posted by genghiskhan View Post
Being raised with a label is... questionable. The idea of having your personal life chosen for you... I don't agree with it.
I agree. Teach children about all religion, sure, but don't make them only follow one.

Originally Posted by genghiskhan View Post
Well, arguably, there can also be people like this cunt who are not victims of childhood indoctrination but just food another sad religion to waste their life away with. So, such behaviour from people who are brainwashed is not necessary. But I do agree with you Death, there is a danger of the child acting like an idiot.
I'll admit that you'll always get extremists. But the numbers are still in flux. But otherwise I agree.

Originally Posted by Donkey View Post
Perhaps the entire argument [the death penalty] can be summarised in just a sentence.

We kill people who kill people to show others that killing is wrong.

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