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Originally Posted by Death View Post
Which is why you wait until they are older once they've learned more about the world before trying to expect them to make choices. But using that as an excuse to force children into things they may not even otherwise agree with is pure madness and shows how religion is dying so malcontents who would do shit like this have to go to desperate measures like brainwashing just to keep religion alive. They should learn to accept that not everyone's going to follow the same stuff as them and drop this selfish attitude that everyone must follow it.
I slightly disagree with the whole idea of not being able to expose your child to a religion at a young age. Religion has a link to the culture of certain countries and I don't really see the harm of presenting it as 'here it is, these are the rituals, these are the beliefs, what do you think?'. My parents are atheists themselves but because we're Pakistani, Islam is tied to our culture too, so just to give us a taste of that, my parents made sure I at least learn the rituals and try it out. I don't see any harm in that, at all. I do see the harm in childhood indoctrination though, and that is different to how I was raised. Being raised with a label is... questionable. The idea of having your personal life chosen for you... I don't agree with it.

Originally Posted by Death View Post
It's hard to do that when your brain has been wired through indoctrination to believe only what you've been told. Why do you think this cunt is spewing the sadistic nonsence that he is? Do you think that he would be so sure about it if he weren't brainwashed?
Well, arguably, there can also be people like this cunt who are not victims of childhood indoctrination but just follow another sad religion to waste their life away with. So, such behaviour from people who are brainwashed is not necessary. But I do agree with you Death, there is a danger of the child acting like an idiot.

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