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Originally Posted by Death View Post
No, I didn't call you an idiot. I said you were painting yourself as one. Like I've already said, learn to read.

Which is why you wait until they are older once they've learned more about the world before trying to expect them to make choices. But using that as an excuse to force children into things they may not even otherwise agree with is pure madness and shows how religion is dying so malcontents who would do shit like this have to go to desperate measures like brainwashing just to keep religion alive. They should learn to accept that not everyone's going to follow the same stuff as them and drop this selfish attitude that everyone must follow it.

It's hard to do that when your brain has been wired through indoctrination to believe only what you've been told. Why do you think this cunt is spewing the sadistic nonsence that he is? Do you think that he would be so sure about it if he weren't brainwashed?

There's a difference between exposure and forcing people to believe it. If you want to tell your children about your religion, then fine. But for goodness sake, let them know the whole truth about religion and not just about what you believe. The latter (i.e. restricting their knowledge to only what you believe and tot he delusion that it is "the only truth") would be cowardice in my opinion.

Then s/he isn't a friend. Simple.


I've just explained exactly why this is wrong, but I'll reiterate it:

Friends don't brianwash you in the same why religion does when you are young since you will be old enough to think for yourself and a true friend will not force you into anything bad. That's all I'm saying. Look back through the posts I've made if you want the rest of it, which I have told you.

*reiteration of the same image as before*

How many people do you think actually like Justine Beaver?

As I said, there's a fine line between exposure and brainwashing. I suggest you look up its defintion, since you are obviously rusty on those. Too man parents bring up children getting them to believe that only they are right and not teaching them the full truth.

I am just going to stop posting to you in this thread because obviously you have an agenda to push. And yes you did call me an idiot just because you say you were implying that I was painting myself as one does not make a difference that you were saying that I was one.

It is also funny how you have to justify that religion is brainwashing by showing a person on youtube whose clearly gone too far (a minority) and saying thats how all religions act.
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