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Originally Posted by Death View Post
Suffice to say, you are just painting yourself as an idiot so I'd stop with your hypocrisy if I were you.
That is a personal insult, suffice to say, I don't personal insult people. I would stick to the debate and not get personal. Attack the argument, not the person.

They have an absolute right to decide what you believe in your head? Do they have a right to choose your sexuality? Do they have a right to choose what clothes you wear even if they are inappropiate for today's age or are for the wrong gender and the child doesn't wish to draw unwanted attention? Does the parent have the right to dominate everything about the child's life and not leave any decisions to them?
Yes they do because children do not have the capacity to make decisions for themselves at certain ages. EG why do they allow a person whose under 18 not to enter into a contract?

And if a child wishes not to follow the religion which the parents have "included" the child into, then they are free to choose to be atheist or another religion. I have not advocated for parents to become a strict religious cult, with no option for a child to leave, but they have a right to expose the child to a religion which they believe.

Except friends' "influences" are different from brainwashing in that they happen at a time when you are capable of thinking of yourself and are aware of the dangers and real friends will not force you into anything harmful. The defintion of friends alone probably moots your point.
Friends are always gonna have influence on you and how you Think, eg, I have never smoked pot in my life till one day a friend asked me to "give it a try". Friends have more influence over you than religion. In fact taking this further TV and Justin Bieber probably have more influence over kids than religion. If your gonna start labeling "religion" as brainwashing you might as well ban everything the child is exposed to. You might as well even put the child's brain into a VAT according to Putnam's theory and create an uninfluenced world.
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