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Originally Posted by aussiebunnie View Post
I think you are taking the definition of religion in an extreme case where parents force children to believe everything they want. Perhaps in countries where there is a strict set of beliefs one has to believe in. In a western family, for example lets take mine for example, my parents believe in God and therefore I believe in God. I probably went to church about 5 times in my life. I choose to be religious but my parents have never forced me.
Oh sure. You can expose the child to your religion and raise them with those values, but would you then agree that the child has the right to reject it any time it wants?

Originally Posted by aussiebunnie View Post
The definition of well being includes religion, and since well being is the parents responsibility, the parent should have the right to expose the child to whatever religion they wish to.
I don't know where this definition is from, but it's wrong. Well being does not necessarily require religion.
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