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Originally Posted by aussiebunnie View Post
I find it interesting that you need to resort to personal insults to debate your point.

A parent has an absolute right to choose your religion for you. Just as they have an absolute right to choose your school for you, choose what health care you should get, choose what clothing you should wear when you are under 10. Until you reach the age you can think for yourself (the law permits this as being 18). If we say a young person should not be brain washed, then it would be the same as taking every single right that a parent has to make a decision for them.

I see parents as agents with ostensible authority to act for the child. They have a fiduciary duty to act with the proscription of your health and well-being. Choosing your religion falls within that proscription.
So you say that you think it is a good thing that parents brainwash their children (not always consciously, might I add - they are just doing what their parents have done etc)? There was me thinking that we were in the 21st Century. Brainwashing young children about your religion is a despicable, awful thing to do in this day and age IMHO. It makes children mindless zombie-like people who will believe any bullshit their parents have told them. Of course, young children aren't going to question what their parents tell them about religion, which is how religion is still strong (unfortunately) today. One of the greatest things about Western, civilised society is that people are supposedly free to believe what they want and can make their own decisions on things such as religion. I am amazed that God botherers are still free to shove their silly beliefs down children's throats and use them as a way of controlling children (i.e. "do what I tell you or I'll tell God to make you burn in hell" - extreme but realistic example), Society will never progress until religious indoctrination stops happening.

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