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Originally Posted by Death View Post
Then why do children tend to follow the religion of their parents, sometimes without question even where logic would have a lot of question?

What? That's got nothing to do with this.

You haven't even explained how they are brainwashing you.

So they should be able to force you to follow a religion? Is that really right? I don't care if it's their child, there are certain liberties to which everyone should be entitled. Freedom of religion (or lack thereof) is one of them. Where do you draw the line between what a parent and their authority can do and what they can't?

They were either rebelling or were thinking for themselves, because they can. But are you seriously telling me that parents' influence will not make more children believe in God than they would otherwise?

Does not agree with =/= does not get, so I suggest you think of better ways of arguing since I find it difficult to actually classify this as an 'argument'.

Hahaha. Not only was that only a typographical error which you're questioning my ability over, but I also remember you putting "parents" instead of "parents'" (i.e. with an apostrophy at the end) when you were talking about a possesive and a plural. Suffice to say, you are just painting yourself as an idiot so I'd stop with your hypocrisy if I were you.

I find it interesting that you need to resort to personal insults to debate your point.

A parent has an absolute right to choose your religion for you. Just as they have an absolute right to choose your school for you, choose what health care you should get, choose what clothing you should wear when you are under 10. Until you reach the age you can think for yourself (the law permits this as being 18). If we say a young person should not be brain washed, then it would be the same as taking every single right that a parent has to make a decision for them.

I see parents as agents with ostensible authority to act for the child. They have a fiduciary duty to act with the proscription of your health and well-being. Choosing your religion falls within that proscription.
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