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Default Am I Being Stupid?? Relationship Advice Please

Ok, id just like to say hi to everyone as im new to this forum.

This may take a while to explain, so please bear with me.....LOL

So i was 14 when i got with my girlfriend (she was 16-17), i had known her for a while as a friend. we hadn't seen each other for some time and when i got with her she had just given birth to her son a few days earlier. the father of her son didnt want anything to do with him and she went through the pregnancy by herself with support from her family. i didn't mind that she had a newborn baby and everything was fine. we had to wait for a few weeks before we could have sex due to being so soon after the birth but i didnt mind waiting, i was in no real rush anyway. anyway, we evetually had sex but what she didnt know was that she was my first (although she knows now). i know from her past that she had slept with quite a few people before me and it didnt bother me, at the time.... untill now. the problem now, is that i think i am extremely jealous and cant stop thinking of her being with other men (in the past), when she is the only girl that i have ever been with. i keep making these thoughts up in my head and seeing her with other people. i think im paranoid or something?? which ever way, i cant stop feeling like this and its driving me crazy!! i think that maybe if she wasnt my first then i would feel far different about this?? i love this woman to bits and i now have a son of my own with her, and her son has also been calling me dad for a few years now, i think of him as being mine, with the exception of not being biologically mine, thats all. i could really do with some help getting over this paranoia/jealousy or whatever it is, as i feel i will end up loosing her. im now 19 and she is 21, we have our two childeren and a house together, i really dont want to loose her but i just cant cope feeling this way anymore!!

Any help/advice/guidance etc would be greatly appreciated! And Thanks In Advance!

Sorry if i rambled a little too much...LOL
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