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Originally Posted by JNJ View Post
I know there have been gazillion threads on this topic, but I believe mine might be different:

I am 14-years-old, and I have the hots for a 17-year-old Mexican guy in my Graphics class. His name is Adrian (not gonna give the last name), and he is very straight (he even admits being a homophobe). I find him sexy and hot, and I would like to date him. But I'm too scared, and asking him something like this might turn out bad. So, I need some advice. He already has a girlfriend, and I don't really want to ruin their relationship by Bisexual Little Johnny K (me) wanting to have activity with him. Should I just forget him and turn 100 % straight, or should something? I get a boner when thinking about having sex with him.

All help is appreciated.

got to a pool with this guy... When you're changing just look "down there" but not in an obvious way.. Just get to know him! AND DON'T ASK HIM OUT! THERE ARE PLENTY OF FISH IN THE SEA.. ASKING A HOMOPHOBE OUT WOULD TURN OUT HORRIBLE.

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