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Hey iam 15 y/o and a couple of days ago went to the beach with friends, about half of the group were lighting up druing the whole day(some of them practually chain smoking) which at one point i asked if i could take a puff. My first puff i coughed ALOT and asked them how the hell they can put up with it. But then later that day i gave it another puff and liked. That lead to me stealing drags off everyone that day.

I dont want to get addicted beacuse all of the health concerns and it would get expencive. But then again like it, its calming and feels nice.

I know my mum would go crazy if she knew i took one puff... My sister smokes but she has left home and my mum is kinda in denial that she smoke so she dosent give her shit for it.

Just wanna hear a general opinion from non smokers, and if there is any some smokers with their experiences and some general info e.g. age they started

P.S. Is this in the right place? i thought it would be classified as a drug.

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