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Originally Posted by Death View Post
I.E. Brain washing. But an intelligent person can see through that.

Learn to organise and present your aguments correctly. Let's be honest, that's not exactly your strong point, is it?
It does not equate to brain washing. That is like saying that because the Government is brainwashing you because they are in charge. That's like saying your friends at school are brainwashing you. Before you are 18 and living under your parents roof they have the right to do whatever they wish in terms of your upbringing. If you don't like it when your 12-15, leave home and live in the streets.

In a recent census in the UK 60% of teens said they did not believe in God whereas 40% of older people said they did. Which means those 60% (who did not believe) would be living with parents 60% (who did believe). They were not brain washed. The point was that the 60% who did not believe wouldn't care what religion there was. They don't believe in God. Therefore they will not change to another religion. That was the point I was making, which obviously you do not get.

And learn to spell. "Arguments".
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