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Default Re: ** Post ALL Masturbation Questions HERE **

Originally Posted by FUNGxSIZED View Post
So I'm 13 and I jack off but I don't ejaculate is that a sign I'm too premature? If jack off isn't the right word don't ban me I'm new
Not at all. You're ONLY 13. Give it time. Everyone developes at different rates. And on a side note, you can say a hell of a lot worse than "Jack" on here.

Originally Posted by Death5987 View Post
I'm 15 and I've never jizzed unless it's nocturnal emission I've masturbated before and i'm uncircumcised i'm also a nymph so i can't make myself go on to jizz because it feels so good and whenever i get to that point i just stop one time i thought i was going to jizz and just pissed myself
F.Y.I Piss and lotion not good feeling and never use medicated lotion
Any suggestions?

Originally Posted by Codhalo6uy View Post
Im 13 and i cant shoot my cum.My friend can though(hes 13) why cant i shoot it?
You will develope in time.

Originally Posted by Ramz101 View Post
Ever since I started jacking off, when I sleep, my penis goes to the side... Its really irritating

Why does it do that?

I have no clue what you're talking about.

Originally Posted by Panda View Post
Do you like to masturbate in the shower or bed more?

Originally Posted by titan24 View Post
I wanna try to jerk with a watermelon?? What do u think about that
Go for it.

Originally Posted by manj96 View Post
well dude i dunno i guess cuz ur using more energy standing? or sumthing like that i unno
It directs blood flow away from the head, making some people dizzy.

Been here on VT so long,
my clothes are starting to rot.
8 Years and counting
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