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Default Re: I love him but hes emberesing...HELP!

Jeeze, I don't give a shit who I hang out with. Most of my friends aren't "in" or "cool" with most people anymore.

Fuck, to be hip a now days around where I live you have to smoke pot and pretend you're a gangster. Seriously, I've never judged girls on how they dress or if they're scene, I don't know what you mean Mannequin.

See, I can understand maybe if she isn't attracted to him, but she claims she is. She just doesn't think he's cool enough.

That's shallow. Not being attracted to someone isn't. If a girl ever said she really liked me but she just wished I would "get with the program" or some bullshit like that, I'd laugh at her thinking it was a joke.. Then probably dump her ass.

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