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Default Re: I love him but hes emberesing...HELP!

Originally Posted by aryadorable View Post
okay so basicly im the trendsetter among my friends and i always look my best and keep up with styles.but my boyfriend hes a bit on the geeky style side and i really want him to mabey get some new clothes...not to be mean but its weird for me even though im madly in love with him, to be seen in public with him.

how do i tell him to get with the program and buy some new cloths without making him feel bad?
Some guys need a girl's touch with things like that. It doesn't exactly make you a bad person that you want to "tweak" him a bit. In a relationship you should complement each other.

It all depends how you approach it. Don't go and buy him clothes then throw his old ones away then tell him "you're wearing this now." But more like do what Austin said. He'll be less defensive that way.

You are not shallow because you want him to get better clothes. You are actually doing him a favor in the end.

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