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Default Re: sexual exaust/over masturbation--desprate help..

Originally Posted by Meitria View Post
whoaaaaa! take it easy.....
i looked at that site and it looks pretty real, but it doesn't seem right i mean if masturbation was hurting us so much than why can we do it?
its a natural thing?
NOOOOOOOOOOOO, ur getting it all wrong, its not hurting us.
it only start to hurt us when we do it too much. but if you do it like 2-3 times a week its alright but if you do it like 7 times a week for like 1-10 years straigt or watever then there would be shit going to hapen to you. its like a movie, at first its fun to watch, second time still fun, but as you watch it like 10 times your eyes start to burn and start to get boring.
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