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Lol, our skl has that too, gay RM safetynet.

One of my mates found tons of proxies once but now they don't work lol.

But, you could hack it if you wanted. Hacking past the actual RM Safety Net on my school server is easy, I found a WPA exploit that got me the password for what ever network I wanted to join, and via that I got onto TelNet and fucked about with the admin's computer. But if you can hack your school network and get rid of their firewall, you will then need to get rid of your County's firewall. Basically, most internet that schools are given goes:

Service Provider > County Firewall > School Firewall > Local PC Firewall.

Like I said, busting the PC and School firewall is piss easy but the county one is a bit dodgy, they would probably trace you if you did that lol.

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