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wow, scary. I dont mean to sound like an annoying weirdo, but i like the idea that you might be getting "visions" of something or that you can talk to spirits and ghosts and what you see is mistaken as scizophrenia but thats just me thinking weird. i mentioned something crazy like this before at another post.

Anyhoo, need to talk seriously...

Are you still hearing the voices? Just ignore them, and then they could go away later on with time... Thats what i did when i was younger. I dont think i have schizo-thingy, but when i was younger, i kept thinking someone sed my name and when I used to live in a villa, i kept thinking i saw people. As a result, i got bad dreams of those "people" i saw. I just ignored them and they stopped "appearing" once i forgot about them and then remembered i used to see these things.

Does that help? I hope so, its just that it sounds similar to what happened to me when i was younger.

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