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Default Re: My dad...and my issue. (PLZ READ)

You don't have to take sides. Stay impartial and keep a good relationship with both of them. Just because they don't get along with each other at the moment doesn't mean you can't get along with both of them.

When it comes to choosing which to live with. Choose the one that you feel you will be happier with. Maybe one will let you out later than the other. Or one will let you have boyfriends over. If they are both going to live fairly near to each other (same town/city) then this choice can be less focused on where you go to school etc and more on which would give you the most freedom. Just reassure them its not because you don't like them.

Divorce is an emotional event and is bound to cause you upset. Given time you will be able to think about it without the emotional reaction you are having at the moment. Trust me, it gets easier. (My parents divorced when I was 13, I had known since 10 and even before my dad. Now my mum and dad get on better with each other than with me! lol)

I hope I have helped a bit. If you would like to chat about this or anything else I'm here x

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