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Hey. Uhm ok, so I have this crazy addiction to porn, I kinda want to stop but I don't at the same time. And is it easier to masturbate with a circumsised penis? And one more thing, When did you get noticable chest/armpit hair and noticeable facial hair? I'm new and it'd be cool for you guys to post to my questions.

1. Once you get 'addicted' to it it's hard to stop, just like smoking. If you look everyday, look every other day, every other week etc. Looking at it sometimes is OK for guys, but if you only get on to look at it 24/7, then you should stop.

2. It is more sensitive than an un-uncircumcised penis.

3. Chest hair for what I know is the late teen stage, I think around 18, 19, or in the early 20's. Underarm hair comes earlier at 13ish and facial hair comes at about 14 or 15. Just remember it is different for everyone, some people may develop later or earlier.
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