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Default dependence

in the past, i have been known to take a lot of ibuprofen and now, it makes me sick. i guess after i had knee problems back in april, i have becoming addicted to harder stuff, like darvocet.
i can admit, i do take a lot of pills. i have taken many muscle relaxers [both skelaxin and darvocet in the same night] and a lot of tramadol in the same night. i do not know if you could call that addictive, or suicidal.
those nights i do that, i do just want to end it all because of some things that happen.
if i do not have that, i drink a lot. i am not a bad drunk... more of a lightweight but i think i am starting to become an alcoholic.
i am not sure...

lil' ashes
i don't need pills
when i have a drug like you.

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