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the bbc has no more obligation to be unbiased than every other news source on earth. the government is blaming themselves so wahts your point? we werent going on a mission with faulty intelligence because at the time noone knew it was faulty. think about it, right when we went to war, who opposed it because of "faulty intelligence"? noone. besides, only 87 people from the uk have been killed. wow 87 people who were fighting for there country. i dont see the prob. your country is in this too, so i dont see why yuou complain about the us all the time. your country has faulty mI6 also, take a look at the butler report, which was grosely understated anyways. listen, we and the coalition with us had reason to believe that our country was in danger. the intelligence turned out to be bad. people criticize and bitch all the time. what do you think would happen if we DIDNT go because of our suspected faulty intelligence, and then all of a sudden 19 million people die beacuse of a nuclear bomb on new york. its a guessing game with risks involved, and if there is even the SLIGHTEST CHANCE of unreliable data that even SUGGESTS a country is in danger, that country has to act or lose. over the war's course of 2 years, there is an estimated 11000 casualties. thats roughly 15 people a day who have died because of the war. NOW think about it this way. every day in the world, 155,000 people die. tack on an extra 15 people a day, and its so marginally it doesnt even mean anything. only good things have come from the war. barely anyone died, and now another nation in the world gets to experience the joys of freedom.

Go USA. Go Freedom.

Ok im spent. America is the best, free, and most militarily powerful body of peoples who ever strode the face of earth. i fell sorry to all the people who dont live here
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