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I recently have been able to go quite some time without feeling depressed but i know it will always come back and hit me hard. It comes and it goes it used to come and go alot but now its limited. I hate living through my happy moments knowing it will end at some point because eventually i go down even if nothings wrong. Tonight my depression is back and i cant stand it i ruin a lot of things when im in this state because i cant think straight. It's like i let everything thats bothered me through my happy stage come out finally sometimes i get it so bad i just really dont want to live anymore or i want to run away or something i abosolutely hate it and i dont know what to do my doctor thinks im bi polar and im supposed to go see someone about it so if i am i can get medicine but my last two appoinments have been cancelled because i've had other things i had to do and im hoping i get in very soon im so sick of these ups and downs i just want to be normal

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