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Default Re: need to get stuff off my chest

Originally Posted by Airacat View Post
OK so my Dad is an alcoholic and my sister is bi polar and its really really haard to live with them so luckily My Dad lives in Arizona now, I'm so angry at him he has been swallowed by grief from his chilhood ( his mother commited suicide when he was 10) and that makes me incredibly grateful but i also think that i never even had a dad @[email protected] he was a good father when i was a baby but I mean come on, and he also doesnt pay child support so we almost always have no money. have you ever lived with a bipolar person? Its crazy, never knowing what will set her off and make her commit suicide, will we see her tomorow? if i say this to her will she get incredibly angry or will it roll right off of her?? now she lives in kansas but shes coming back and im a little anxious, So sorry for the rant I just needed to let that out...

I'm sorry to here that.

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