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Originally Posted by cosmos
face it, you live in england and your news sources are propaganda and biased, fool. prove to me they are lying, then i will believe you. until then, fu
I never said my New sources aren't biased, but hte BBC has a public obligation to be unbiased and fair in broadcasting, aswell as it being the first new channel in the world.

Looks like the government in the US are playing the blame game.

Going foreward on a mission which was based on faulty intelligence from the start was an extremly stupid idea. Also the reasoning behind the justification whilst even using the faulty intelligence was pathetic. "Saddam is bad" "There are WMD" - So what, we've known for decades that Russia has nuclear weapons, North Korea has nuclear weapons. They both were run by bad men. Cuba is ran by a 'bad man' who opresses his people, why not blow the shit out of cuba?

There was no reason for the war in the first place, it should never have taken place.

Why should anyone prove Bush wasn't lieing, it the US's job to show he was telling the truth.

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