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Default getting a little worried...

okay so i have been seeing my girlfriend for over a year now, we are quite sexually involved with one another and have been for some time now.

she is on the pill, and has been the entire time we have been having sex. recently she got some food poisoning or something similar, which made the pill in-effective for a short amount of time.

within that period we had sex a small number of times. even though she is on the pill, we still use a condom. The condom does occasionally break, in which i always take my penis out strait away without continuing before i apply a new one.

just to skip to the point, my girlfriend is now 4 days late of her period. this isn't a odd thing for her, but this is the first time that i've been stressed about it.

has any one been in this situation before? or can anyone give me some medical advice?
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