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Originally Posted by RowanVer.3.0 View Post
Religion:an irrational belief arising from ignorance or fear.

Yeah, basically that sums it up. I'm not with a religion, I think that there are too many blind followers of something that there is no facts of existing.. Frankly, there is more proof of atheism than Christianity. Atheism has real things that they base it on, real hard evidence. Although, at least they admit that most of their theories are just that. Theories. Some have been proven to work like evolution.

Religion is going to die within the next 200 years. Mark my words.

It's just illogical, and everybody knows deep down that it is... Unless you are very old fashioned/brainwashed or uneducated, that is. Why do you think people once believed there was a man that threw thunder at the earth? Or that there was a man that pulled the sun accross the sky by winged-horse chariot...? It was because they had no other way to explain these things. As soon as science discovered why these things happen the religion was proven unworthy and much more vague religions arrose. The more vague a religion is the harder it is to disprove..

It's like if you're trying to guess who a person is and they keep being very vague about what they are like.. "I like to brush my teeth... I'm within a 10 year range of you... I eat daily..."

Basically, Christianity has already been disproven. People are just afraid to admit it. It hasn't been disproved that there is a god, but, it has been disproved that the world was created in 6 days... Christianity did not believe that there was any other worlds than our earth, hell it doesn't believe in space in general.. There is space, fuck, humans have been there! You can't say it simply doesn't exist...

Some faiths have adapted to the fact that space exists, but how can you find something true if it's constantly changing? That obviously means it's not true if they constantly have to change a bunch of shit in their religion so that it actually makes sense with what we've discovered.

In closing, I'd like to state that it is highly possible that there is something of god-like presence. Just, it won't be part of a religion. Religions are like fantasy, a man with 4 arms, a man that can walk on water.. It won't be anything like that. It will be something real that has started the expansion of our universe. It will be something that we will probably discover through study and science.

Flame me, I don't care. All I've given is hard facts and truth, if you can't handle it, tough.

A man with 4 arms qualifies as a myth ;P.. but as I am religious myself I just can tell you dont follow ''facts'' and theories blindly

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