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Default I want her back

My girlfriend and I were going out for about a month and a half... and she broke up with me yesterday. I didn't see it coming at all. I thought things were going really well... I was really depressed for a while because, at age 18, I had never had a girlfriend before, no matter how hard I tried. But then I met her and everything just seemed to fall perfectly in place. We were definitely two different people, but I loved her to death nonetheless and we were happy together.

But then she called me at work on Friday and told me we needed to "talk"... about something "bad," no less. But she wouldn't talk about it until we got together on Sunday. So for two days I worried myself nearly to death.

She told me she suddenly decided she wasn't ready for a relationship. That sounded so absurd to me that I couldn't even begin to comprehend it. She told me we'd be together forever, and she always told me that I made her so happy and that I was her "life." But for some reason she had a complete change of heart and decided that she didn't wasn't ready for all that because she's going to be entering college this year. However, I'm wrapping up my first year of college, and having a relationship outside of that was the best thing in the world...

Then she said that we're "too different," which is true in many respects but not entirely. If we were as entirely different as she says we are, we wouldn't have had as much fun together as we were. We wouldn't want to see each other and talk to each other all the time. We both prefer to stay at home and watch DVDs together and cuddle, and neither of us smoke or drink or do any drugs, and neither of us are what could be described as party animals. It's the things like that that make me love her so much, and I don't know why she can say that they're not important.

I guess I could have been a little bit more open and understanding of her different opinions on things... even if they were entirely unreasonable, I shouldn't have just dismissed them and gotten angry at her. I realize this now, but it's probably too late to do anything...

She said she still wants to be friends and see each other all the time, and she was as upset as I was the night we broke up (she didn't do it in front of me, but I guess she cried as much as I did after she left... and I cried a lot). Considering all that, I don't get why we needed to break up in the first place...

She said she wants to help me find someone else. But I don't want her to help me do that... I want her to help salvage our own relationship.

I don't know what I'm asking... is there anything I can do to get her back? Am I wrong to be thinking that way? I don't even know. I don't want to be alone again.
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