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this is ur only life, dont scar up ur teenage years by cutting urself. when you think about it, its just an addictive sense of denial used for dealing w/ ur problems. i hate having to get so worked up about this and it feels like im being really harsh, but its just that ive had mutliple friends' parents pass away and seeing my friensd, i can really see how precious life is. i hate saying this, but stop trying to deal w/ everything urself, by cutting urself u prove that u dont hve the capacity to deal w/ them. why would any of us? we're teenagers still in school. we're learning about ancient civilizations, advanced math, bio or chemistry etc. we're not in graduate school learning about how different medicines and talking can help the brain realize different things. BE STRONG and go out and get some help. ur parents may be confused and dissapointed at first, but in the end they'll see how u can be strong and get over this useless habbit is offline   Reply With Quote