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Default Re: can i get some1z advice plz

ur freidns are just joking with you. i am currently trying to lower my body fat % and that does involve eating a bit less and more healthy, but what ur doing sounds bad. may i ask how old you are? im a guy, and it seems common w/ girls to be completely freaked out about their weight and looking fat. To be helathy, people are supposed to eat about 5 small meals a day, about 1 every 3 hours. this keeps ur metabolism going w/o overloading it with food. too many girls these days are just thinkiing about how fat they are, and friends joking or friends that think they have a good idea that u should get skinnier isnt helping. u need to realize that this habbit could easily lead to an eating disorder, and disorders such as anorexia(an actual fear of gaining weight and always trying to get skinnier and skinnier) causes people to burn muscle just so they can get the energy to do things, also in the long run it can affect ur menstrual cycle and i have heard stories of people who were anorexic and wanted to have a baby. they had about 7 miscarriges and 1 time had what seems to be one of the worst experiences for a wanting-to-be-mother woman which was giving birth to an aleready dead baby. all you have to do is eat correctly and get exercise each day to look and FEAL good. you'll feel good about urself instead of getting skinnier while always being afraid of eating and worried about ur self image. is offline   Reply With Quote