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Default sores in back of mouth

lol i havent been here for a while. but this morning i woke up and just swalowed and i felt a pain in the back of my mouth, not in the throat but on the top of my mouth near the back. i didnt feel anyhing like it yesterday. so i went into the bathroom and looked in the mirror after feeling my mouth and feeling a hard painful bump. and i saw on one side of my mouth a reddish bump in the place were i felt the bump and the pain. there also seemed to be a tiny lil red dot near that thing in the back of ur moutht that looks like a boxing glove(dont knw the name of it) once some1 comes home im gonna see if we can go to the doctors. i mean, im thinking either case of strep, some infection, i saw someweher online that it could b my tonsils...but this is also a symptom of mouth cancer...but cmon i dont think so. ive dipped once in my life and never again and i smoke weed only on the weekends if i can....cant b cancer... is offline   Reply With Quote