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Default Re: sexual exaust/over masturbation--desprate help..

Originally Posted by FreedomFighter14 View Post
There is not need for this kind of aurguing on VT none of this relates to the topic.
(Request Lock)
Agree with you there.

And a message to the original poster, don't argue with Alex like people have said lol. Fair enough you may disagree with him and you can tell everyone but don't keep on about it. And don't bloody double, sorry triple post.

My advice:


Most people go through this, I just feel you are taking it with an almost 'hypochondriac' point of view, you are taking things out of all proportion.

- Never take anything for face value, never trust the system and never put up with an answer that you don't agree with. It's about time people realised the truth of this world.

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