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I don't want to spend the rest of my life wondering what if?
I think this is the real thing.
I believe in him
and him and I both believe in us.

Some of this is stuff that you can't understand.
But It's a reply to a long message I sent him about how scared I am he is just gonna hurt me again.
I dunno.
I believe him.
I can't help it::::

here it is:

hey i'm on my cell so i can't really say a whole lot cause it'll take a really long time.. your not trying for something that'll never work because i know we can make this perfect and last forever baby. i promise i won't give up and i'll try my hardest to actually talk things out. i know we can do it. it's meant to be. you're my baby girl and the only girl that i ever want in my life. don't ever forget that. i'm going to prove myself to you.. doubt me as much as you like i don't care cause i'm not giving up.. i'll probably just get annoying but at least i'm givin the girl i love the best i got...looking fine last night took a lot from me .. i walked out of mcdonalds hopin you'd follow.. i rolled down my window just a bit as a joke. promise.... i'm sorry about everything that's happened, you deserve so much better and i know i can show you what that is for the rest of your life.. i could never feel like this about another person this much or care.. sorry i haven't showed it but i will. i love you baby a and f

A and F means always and forever.
And I know we look like 2 dumb teenagers who think they know what love is.
But that's okay with me
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