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Default friend situation

so this is a cont. to mE AND MY FREIND LIKin this one girl. so we were hangin out this week all of us(me , him, and her and a couple of other people.) so we were at this girls house watchin movies and i was sittin next to the girl we both liked. he came in and i got up cuz i talked to him and said he could have her even thou i still liked her. but he didnt do any thing he just stood there silent as hell and whispered some shit to some other kid there everytime i or her said some thing. so i left her house for a lil bit and when i came back he was leaving. so him and the girl we like, they went to go and talk out side and when she came in he called me and started yellin at me so i was like u want to talk i come out side and when i went outside to confront him he was gone and then when i tried to call him to ask wtf he wouldnt answer. so we went back in and i sat down and the girl came and sat next to me. we started cuddling and touching and shit. then i left nnothin really. then today she says she doesnt no wat to do cause she thinks she is ruining my friendship wit this kid and i told her no ur not , he is actin like a 3rd grader about it and wont talk to me even after i said he could have her.then she was like no i led u both on and shit like that. and then she said she didnt no wat to do either leave both of us or talk it out and now im here cuz i dont no wat to say cuz i want to stay with her but i dont no how to say it. talk it out or wat some advice plzzz.
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