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Default Re: sexual exaust/over masturbation--desprate help..

Originally Posted by gookmique View Post
lol, bahaha... this cracked me up. yo, dude, you're going through puberty. mentally and physically. depression is emotional instability that EVERYONE goes through during puberty, hormones act a fool and instabalize the mind. random erections in the morning is due to "morning wood". either caused by you bladder filling up during the night, and having to leak it out; or hell, maybe you had a wet dream and you didn't loose the wood. and again, due to hormones, you're constantly masturbating. everyone, i say everyone loosely, masutbates ATLEAST once a day. some people masturbate even more than once a day, you know? masturbation is self pleasure, for the mind, soul and body. you're most likely dropping your grades because you're looseing train of though, just like all adolecent boys do in school. you'll have to learn self control is all i have to say to stay focused in school. as for the thinning of hair, i don't know. maybe you arn't taking enough vitamins, drinking enough water. staying healthy, you know? everyone goes through it man. don't let it bring you down, you know? peace

oh dude, and the zits? hormones aswell. just deal with the hormones man, it'll do you good. washing your face 3 times a day is a little too much. my skin is very greesy so i wash it once every day, or everyother day and i get the occasional zit. *knocks on wood* hormone levels are low... and its messing me up both mentaly and physicaly...any advice to get it up again?
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