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Where have all the birds gone?
Wide awake, smoggy horizons ensue
My mouth tastes like piss
You try to tell me, I can't comprehend
Where has all the magic gone?
Four years old, blue skies were tinted gold
Finding it hard to love a world,
when I'm so god damned,

Anyway, I'm pretty sure that's not a proper format for a poem... And, this is my first time even attempting a poem-unless you count that time in seventh grade when the teacher made us make a poem about xmas. This is the first poem about me though. So, shit, just take it with a grain of salt, eh?

All my friends are skeletons,
dulcimers and chariots
prayers to God, oh prayers to God

Was I sleeping all this time?
Was my shadow ever mine?
Wintersleep-Danse Macabre
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