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Default Re: Your First French Kiss & Kissing Discussion

My first kiss was with my first "real" girlfriend-

We had been on two dates and I had invited her to the junior prom. Throughout the entire night, we'd been dancing, walking through the lit courtyard and I couldn't fetch up the courage to do it, her eyes kept hitting mine and screaming to be touched, but my mind couldn't overcome the fear I had of rejection.

At about 10pm we left to a friends after party that consisted of coke-a-cola and everyone sitting around a bedroom talking and watching youtube videos until 2 am. She sat next to me, her body begging me to cuddle with her but still my mind couldn't overcome rejection.

As the night came to a close, I texted her, "Can you follow me out?" and as my father came and waited around the block everyone, unfortunately, piled into the living room right next to the door. I smiled at her and said I had to leave and she led the way to the door.

I walked down one step and said to her, "I really like your friends and I had a wonderful time tonight.". She smiled and said, "I did too" I then looked at her and whispered, "May I kiss you?" and she said yes. We leaned in and gave one another a small, tender kiss.

That's my first kiss. It happened at the age of 17 and I can say that I'm glad I waited for her because although it wasn't the best kiss in the world and although it was a short, half-sleep-dazed peck on the lips, it still meant so much to me that it was with someone that I liked so much.

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