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Yes it's true that in some circumstances, military force to help protect people is important and can cost lives.

Germany invaded Poland, and we declared war on them. The Japanese attacked Pearl Harbour, the US declared war on them. These were justified, there was IMMEDIATE danger, something had to happen as soon as possible to try and fight back the impending invasion. These wars were justified as there was immediate threat to the countries involves.

Was Iraq building up an invasion force to take over America? NO! Did we have any evidence that they had WMD or any weapons that could target them, NO! Did we have a justified reason, such as they had blown up one of our national landmarks? No?!

Check the reasoning behind the war, because none of this bullshit needed to take place in the first place. Saddam harmed some of his people? Yes thats true, but so did many other countries to a much larger extent, why not attack them?

Why attack anyone unless they attack you first?

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