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Default Re: Jokes and Riddles

Q: How can you tell a tough lesbian bar?
A: Even the pool table doesn't have balls.

Q: What do you call lesbian twins?
A: Lick-a-likes.

Q: What's the definition of confusion?
A: Twenty blind lesbians in a fish market.


A woman walks into her doctor’s office and says "Doctor, I have this terrible rash." She lifts up her sweater to reveal a large ’M’ shaped rash.

The doctor replies, "Now that is the strangest rash I’ve ever seen."

The woman explains, "Well my boyfriend goes to Michigan and refuses to take off his letter sweater when we make love."

The doctor shrugs her shoulders, prescribes some lotion and sends the woman on her way.

The next day another woman comes in with a very similar rash. "How did you get that?" the doctor asks.

"My boyfriend goes to MIT and he refuses to take his letter sweater off when we make love," she says.

The doctor prescribes some lotion and sends the young lady on her way.

The third day another young woman comes into the doctor’s office and she too has a big rash in the shape of an ’M’ on her chest.

"Let me guess," the doctor says. "Your boyfriend goes to Maryland?"

"No," the patient replies, "My girlfriend goes to Wellesley."


And one more;

A young woman, in the course of her college life, came to terms with her homosexuality and decided to come out of the closet.

Her plan was to tell her mother first; so on her next home visit, she went to the kitchen, where her mother was busying herself stirring stew with a wooden spoon.

Rather nervously, she explained to her that she had realized she was gay.

Without looking up from her stew, her mother said, "You mean, lesbian?"

"Well... yes."

Still without looking up: "Does that mean lick women down below?"

Caught off guard, the young woman eventually managed to stammer an embarrassed affirmative.

With that, her mother turned to her and, brandishing the wooden spoon threateningly under her nose, snapped:
"Don't you EVER complain about my cooking again!"

Thank you Siobhan <3
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