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Default Re: The "This is where I am, am I normal?!" Sticky!

this forum is very helpful (to extinguish the debate in the previous pages)


i am 14, and my penis is 4 inches long hard. semen does not come out of my body (but i may be producing it, because in our health class, we learned that it takes 66 days to produce semen) and i masturbate 4-6 times a day, because there is no mess. now a days, i masturbate only to hope that i cum.

also, my pubic hairs are straight/wavy, about an inch long average, some more and less, and i have about 1and1/2 inches of pubes around my penis.

i know that im late because every kid i know can produce semen. has armpit hair, etc.

my testicles only have 1/2 inch blonde hairs on them and are about the size of a mini size golf ball.

i'm 5'7", freshmen, and my voice is as deep as a lot of my further into puberty friends. im supposed to be about 6'4" or so, so i have a lot of growing left. i want to start to be sexually active within the next year or a little later, but i dont want the girl to spread the word that im not as hairy and big as other guys. (has this happened to anyone?)

also, if you cant cum, and you jack off a lot, does that make it so you dont produce semen as early?

lastly, when did you guys get your first pubes?(me, 8 months ago...14 and 3 months old) when did you first start producing sperm? and how long do you guys think it will be til i can produce semen(judge by when you did and what signs you had)
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