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i was raised as a catholic, not stirct but just church at christmas and easter. when i was about 13 i heared the song King without a crown by matisyahu(listen to this song!) and it has changed my life forever i stared praying more and really thinking about what and who God is i rejected my christian beliefs about the trinity and i got into judaisms veiw of God i read the bible A LOT. then when i was 15 our family went to india i visted a mosque, and got really interested in Islam. when i got back to australia i went to the mosque in perth and conveted a few weeks before i turned 16 i was a muslim for a year and deeply in my faith. So what do i belive now well i practice catholosim so i can support my Mum as my Dad died a few months ago. but i belive that FAITH IS ALL THAT MATTERS faith in god when all religions recognise that is true then we will have peace.
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